Quick Answer: Who Has Right Of Way When Merging?

Answer: The car in the left lane, the one that continues straight, would have the right of way.

The driver of the vehicle traveling in the right lane, the one that is ending, shall yield to the vehicles in the other lane and only proceed when safe to merge into the continuing lane of travel.

Who has right of way when merging on highway?

Most states give the right of way to the vehicle that is traveling on the highway. The vehicle entering must yield to those vehicles, but there are a few states that indicate both drivers must attempt to adjust their speed and location to avoid a collision.

What are the right of way rules when vehicles are merging?

The Right of Way –

At intersections not controlled by signs or signals, or where two or more drivers stop at STOP signs at the same time and they are at right angles to one another, the driver on the left must yield the right of way to the driver on the right.

Who has right of way when merging NSW?

According to NSW Road Transport, drivers are required to give way to those already on the roundabout and indicate to show that they are turning left, from the left lane if there is one, or right. When making a U-turn, drivers must approach in the right lane and signal right until they exit.

Do you give way to merging traffic?

Giving way when lines of traffic merge

If you are on a road where the traffic is merging from two lines to one line, you must give way to a vehicle on your left or right if any part of that vehicle is ahead of your vehicle.