What Is Another Word For Starting Point?

What is a starting point called?

Similar words for starting point: beginning (noun) commencement (noun) headquarters (noun) hypothesis (noun) origin (noun).

What is the another word for start?

Some common synonyms of start are begin, commence, inaugurate, initiate, and usher in. While all these words mean “to take the first step in a course, process, or operation,” start, opposed to stop, applies especially to first actions, steps, or stages.

What is a synonym for in the beginning?

SYNONYMS. dawn, birth, inception, conception, origination, genesis, emergence, rise, start, starting point, very beginning, launch, onset, outset, unfolding, development, developing, debut. day one. informal kick-off.

What is the opposite of come?

What is the opposite of come?leavedepartabandondesertescapeforsakequitdisappear fromwithdraw frompart8 more rows

What is it called when you are new to something?

Newbie is a nickname for someone who is new to something. … Newbies are just starting out. This word — which has new right in it — is a slangy term for someone just starting an activity. A person on their first day at a job is a newbie.

What is another word for main point?

Synonyms for main point in English prominent; most important point; main point; main thing; main issue; main objective; central objective.

What is another word for offset?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for offset, like: balance, substitute, first, counterbalance, compensate, equalize, set off, requite, recompense, be equivalent and make-amends.

What does jumping off point mean?

Learner’s definition of JUMPING–OFF POINT. : a place or point from which something begins. The essay provides a good jumping-off point [=starting point] for further discussions. a jumping-off point for a journey.

What’s the meaning of beginning?

1 : the point at which something begins : start It was clear from the beginning that she would win. 2 : the first part We missed the beginning of the movie. 3 : origin, source No one remembers what the beginning of the feud was.

What is the opposite of beginning?

Antonym of BeginWordAntonymBeginEndGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.