Quick Answer: What Is An Estate At Sufferance?

What is another term for an estate at sufferance?

Tenancy at sufferance (also called “estate at sufferance” or “holdover tenancy”) arises when a tenant who has a lawful possession of a property (for example, a lease) holds over without the owner’s consent.

What is an estate at will?

What Is an Estate at Will? An estate at will, also referred to as a tenancy at will, refers to a tenant who lives in a rental unit without a formal lease or contract. It is typically a verbal agreement between a landlord and a tenant.

What is a tenant at sufferance?

A tenant at sufferance is the situation when a tenant of real estate continues to occupy the premises without the landlord’s consent after the original lease or rental agreement between the landlord and the tenant has expired. A tenant in this situation is also referred to a a holdover tenant.

What is an estate from period to period?

Also known as “periodic tenancy,” an estate from period to period lease doesn’t spell out a specific ending date but does specify periods of tenancy and rent payment, such as month-to-month. Short- and long-term apartment owners usually require tenants to sign period-to-period leases.