What Is A NAC Circuit?

A special module is installed into a fire alarm panel that is supervised by the receiving equipment for “line fault”, “common trouble”, “supervisory” and “alarm”.

NAC: Short for “Notification Appliance Circuit”.

Also called the Bell Circuit, Signal Circuit, or Output Circuit.

What is an SLC circuit?

A Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) carries information in the form of data to and from the field devices for the fire alarm system, and also carries power from the control panel to the devices. The SLC (Signaling Line Circuit) is another way of saying Data and Power Circuit.

What is a NAC power supply?

The HPF24S8 is a compact, cost-effective, 8-amp remote power supplies with a battery charger built in. Primary applications include Notification Appliance (bell) Circuit (NAC) expansion (to support ADA requirements and NAC synchronization) or auxiliary power to support 24-volt system accessories.

What is NAC fault in fire alarm system?

First off, NAC stands for Notification Appliance Circuit. This is the circuit that powers the horns, strobes, chimes, and speakers in a building. This is the circuit that notifies the occupants of a fire. Usually, there is more than one NAC circuit from the fire alarm panel.

What is an initiating device circuit?

The Initiating Device Circuit is a pair of wires, but what it does is carry alarms to the control panel, check its own wiring, provide power, and reset the detectors.