What Does Private Home Mean?

What is a private home?

Definition of Private home.

Private home means a dwelling, including an apartment or other leased space, where individuals reside.

An individual unit in public housing and university housing complexes is considered a private home.

What is considered a private residence?

Private residence means any building, buildings, or part of a building owned by a private entity which serves as a permanent residence where sewage is generated. Private residence means a one or two-family dwelling unit.

What is a private individual?

Private companies, industries, and services are owned or controlled by individuals or stockholders, rather than by the government or an official organization. Private individuals are acting only for themselves, and are not representing any group, company, or organization.

What does private matter mean?

it is the things or matter with related to our self. It means each and every good or bad result is make effect on our life. you can understand this matter by the word PRIVATE. This kind of matters are about things which better keep secret, or things which is not acceptable but others.