Quick Answer: Who Wanted The Harshest Punishment Of Germany?

Why didnt Wilson want to punish Germany?

Wilson certainly wanted a fair peace.

He was worried that an unjust peace treaty would cause resentment in Germany and possibly even lead to a future war.

However, he insisted that the treaty should punish Germany because he felt that Germany was responsible for the war..

Who was determined to punish Germany severely and why?

The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany harshly because Allied powers, Great Britain and France especially, blamed Germany for starting the war and…

Why was Germany punished harshly in the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was designed mostly to punish Germany, reflecting the bitter and vengeful feelings that Britain and France felt towards their World War I enemy. It took away the German empire by seizing its colonies, and it limited the German Army to a 100,000 man security force.

Why did the Big Three not get everything they wanted?

1. Different victors wanted different things, so they couldn’t ALL have everything they wanted. Britain and France did NOT want a League of Nations, but Wilson insisted on little else. Clemenceau wanted crippling reparations, Wilson and Lloyd George didn’t.

Which country wanted to punish Germany the most?

FranceClemençeau – France Clemenceau was angry that Germany had done so much damage to France and wanted to punish Germany heavily to make them pay.