Quick Answer: What Dehumidifier Does Consumer Reports Recommend?

Should you run a dehumidifier at night?

Yes, you can.

There is no harm in leaving a dehumidifier on overnight as far as your health is concerned.

But there are other aspects to it, like, noise factor, auto shut off, etc..

How do I choose a dehumidifier?

Other factors can influence the humidity of the room, so consider the following when sizing a dehumidifier:If your home is in a humid climate, add 10 pints to the recommended capacity.If multiple people live or spend time in the room, add 5 pints.If the room has multiple windows or doors, add 5 pints.More items…

What is the most reliable dehumidifier?

Keystone stands out as one of the most reliable of the 15 brands in our survey, snagging an Excellent rating for predicted reliability. It earns a midrange Good rating for owner satisfaction. Emerson Quiet Kool and Perfect Aire are also among the most reliable brands.

What’s the best dehumidifier Consumer Reports?

CR’s take: The Honeywell TP30WK tops our ratings of small-capacity models, which means it can remove 30 pints of moisture per day and can help dry out small, damp spaces. It earns a Very Good rating in our noise tests and is the only dehumidifier in our current ratings that snags an Excellent in our cool-room tests.

What are the top 10 dehumidifiers?

Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers of 2020Keystone Energy Star. 8.8. 22999. … Frigidaire FAD704DWD 70-pint. 8.6. 22999. … SPT SD-71E Energy. 8.6. 22299. … Frigidaire FAD301NWD 30-Pint. 8.4. 16998. 205.NewAir AD-250 25. 8.4. 16691. 106.Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric. 7.6. 4999. 1,224.Ivation IVADM35 Powerful. 7.2. 8499. 103.Eva-dry Edv-2200 Mid-Size. 8199. 554.More items…

What is the best brand of dehumidifier to buy?

Frigidaire FFAP5033W1Buying Options. The Frigidaire FFAP5033W1, a pump-equipped 50-pint machine, is our top pick among dehumidifiers.

Can one dehumidifier do a whole house?

Portable dehumidifiers can work for a small area, like a basement, but to decrease humidity levels throughout your home, you’ll want to go with a whole-house dehumidifier. The benefits a whole-house model offers concern capacity, airflow and operation.

What is the best and quietest dehumidifier?

Top 5 Quietest Dehumidifiers Review 2020Editor’s Choice. Vacplus 30 Pints Dehumidifier. … Best Quiet Dehumidifier for Large Rooms. Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier. … Best Small Quiet Dehumidifier. Eva-Dry EDV-1100. … Best Quiet Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifier. Tosot 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Internal Pump. … Budget Pick.

Where is the best place to put a dehumidifier?

The best place for a dehumidifier is the room you need it in most. Dehumidifiers are commonly placed in bedrooms, basements, laundry rooms, crawl spaces, and indoor pool areas since these areas often have moisture problems.

Do you need a dehumidifier in every room?

Can a dehumidifier work in more than one room at a time? A dehumidifier is going to be most effective in the one room it is in. If you have multiple rooms connected by open doorways with a very open floor plan, then the dehumidifier is more likely to be able to work in those other rooms as well.

Do dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity?

Let’s take a standard model that operates at 280 Watts-hour. If the current power rate is 15 cents/kW, an electric dehumidifier uses 4.2 cents of power per hour. Therefore, if you run it for 10 hours a day, the cost is 10 hours * 4.2 cents = 42 cents/day or about $153.30 per year.

Should I get a 50 or 70 pint dehumidifier?

This is because 70 pint is the one that’s usually recommended if you intend to use in different rooms or at least use it frequently. On the other hand, if the area to be dehumidified is quite small, then a 50 pint dehumidifier would serve the purpose right.