Question: Who Shot The 100th Tiger?

Who killed the hundred Tiger Why?

The Tiger King had killed ninety nine tigers and now he just needed to kill one tiger to reach his tally of killing a hundred tigers.

Then he would have no fears left.

So he is feverishly anxious to kill the hundredth tiger at the earliest..

How did Tiger king kill the hundredth tiger?

Ans. The Tiger King could not kill the hundredth tiger. It had merely fainted from shock of the sound of the bullet. It is the wooden tiger from the toyshop that becomes the cause of Maharaja’s death.

Why is Tiger banned in Pratibandapuram?

The Maharaja wanted to prove that the prediction of the State astrologer was wrong. Hence, he restricted the hunting of tigers in all the tiger-rich forests of Pratibandapuram, so that he could hunt them down.

What is the moral of the story the tiger king?

According to Thurber, the moral of ‘The Tiger Who Would Be King’ is ”You can’t be king of beasts if there aren’t any. ” This also ties into the theme; the desire for power is what led to the fight that killed all the animals. The story shows that power for its own sake is meaningless.

Why was the Maharaja so anxious to kill 100th Tiger?

The Maharaja was very much anxious and kill the hundredth tiger because it was predicted by the astrologer that he should be more careful from the hundredth tiger as he would die because of the tiger. … The Maharaja aimed at it but it fainted. Later on the guards killed it.

What was the Maharaja feeling when he killed the hundred Tiger?

During ten years, the Maharaja had managed to kill seventy tigers. As a result, the tiger population became extinct in his kingdom. This made the Maharaja anxious because he thought he would not be able to achieve his target of killing a hundred tigers and so his life would be in dangSr.

Why did the Maharaja double the tax?

The Maharaja doubled the land tax in exasperation and rage after he failed to hunt the hundredth tiger near the village he had put up his tent. The Maharaja was exceedingly worried to complete his tally of killing hundred tigers. … In excitement, he had announced exemption of land tax for the village people.

Who was the Tiger King Why does he get that name?

Ans: The Tiger king is the king of Pratibandapuram, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur. He got that name because when he was born ,the chief astrologer told that his death would come from a tiger,for this reason he determine to kill tiger and hunted them in his entire life.

What message does Tiger King convey?

The Maharaja’s indiscriminate killing of tigers led to their extinction in some states, but the Maharaja was oblivious of the grave consequences his action was leading to. The author strikes home the message that the ruler’s primary duty should be the welfare of the citizens.

What proved the Dewan’s resourcefulness Mcq?

The dewan twice proved to be resourceful for the king. First when the king’s province had ran out of tigers and the king needed more tigers to be killed at his hands to complete a mark of 100, the king called for the dewan and asked him to arrange for girl to marry who’s estate was rich with tigers.

What did the Maharaja do to find the required number of tigers to kill?

Answer: The Maharaja asked his dewan to find a suitable girl for him to marry, in order to get the necessary number of tigers to kill. A matrimonial alliance appropriate girl would be one who would not only come from a royal family but also belong to a state with a strong tiger population.

How will the Maharaja prepare himself?

The Maharaja would be extremely careful while dealing with the hundredth tiger which was supposed to be the reason for his death. On encountering the hundredth one, he will take a careful aim at the tiger and will shoot it. When it falls in a crumpled heap, he would be filled with joy and will leave the place hastily.

What made the chief astrologer place his finger on his nose?

Answer 1: The gesture of placing a finger on his nose was due to the fact that the astrologer was surprised to the core as he had never heard a ten days old child speak. (Kindly recheck the question.) Answer 2: The king wanted to kill a hundred tigers and defeat death.

How did the 100th Tiger take its revenge?

One of its tiny slivers pierced into the right hand of the king. Infection flared and a suppurating sore all over the arm. The king was operated and the operation was successful but the doctors declared, “The Maharaja is dead.” Thus the hundredth tiger of wood took its revenge upon the Tiger King.

What is the irony in the story the tiger king?

The dramatic irony in the story is sharp when the Tiger King alone is unaware that his bullet had not killed the hundredth tiger. The other characters and the readers anticipate his doom as he celebrates his triumph over his destiny. We realize how misplaced the King’s pride at killing the first tiger was.

How did the tiger King’s Arms become seriously infected?

The king’s arm had got infected from a prick caused by one of the slivers on the wooden tiger. In one day, the infection got flared in the Maharaja’s right hand and in four days it developed into a suppurating sore which spread all over the arm. Though he was operated yet he died.

Is Tiger King a real story?

Tiger King isn’t just based on a true story. It is a true story. Since it’s a docuseries, every detail chronicled actually happened and every interview comes from the people who were actually part of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin’s fight. The series even features multiple interviews from both Joe Exotic and Baskin.

What happened to the tiger provided by the Dewan?

The tiger provided by the Dewan Saheb was very old and stood in complete submission. The Maharaja look aim and fired but-actually the bullet missed the tiger and the tiger only fainted from the sharp sound of the bullet. As nobody wanted the Maharaja to know about it one oflhe hunters himself shot the tiger later on.

What is ironical about the Tiger King’s death?

The king spends his entire life killing tigers in order to evade his death. The irony lies in the fact that he is finally killed by a sliver of wood from a toy tiger.