Is Alyssa A Rare Name?

Is Alyssa a good name?

It has been a popular name in the United States, where it ranked as the 19th most popular name given to baby girls born in 2009, having ranked among the top 100 names for girls since 1986 and among the top 20 names since 1997..

What nationality is the name Alyssa?

GreekThe name Alyssa means Rational and is of Greek origin.

Is Denise a black name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name DENISE is 77.5% White, 6.8% Hispanic origin, 12.3% Black, 1.4% Asian or Pacific Islander, 1.4% Two or More Races, and 0.6% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

Does Alyssa mean Princess?

It’s derived from the Greek-named flower Alyssum, A meaning NOT and Lyssum meaning INSANE. It also means Noble, honest, logical, and sane. Alyssa actually means NOBLE. Alyssa is alternatively derived from the alyssum flower.

Is Alyssa an Irish name?

Alyssa in Irish is Ailís.

What does Alyssa name mean in the Holy Bible?

Alyssa isn’t English, it’s actually Hebrew. ― 17ambrug 6/4/2014. 1. The name Alyssa is from Greek origin meaning “rational.” It is also of German (Teutonic) origin, meaning “noble” or “of good cheer.”

What is a nickname for Denise?

Nickname – Denise Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Denise – ꧁༒☬Ⓓⓔⓝⓘⓢⓢⓔ☬༒꧂, Nisi, Deni, Dee Dee, Dee, Denni.

Is Alyssa a biblical name?

The name Alyssa is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Alyssa is “joy, great happiness”. It is also of German origin, where its meaning is “noble kind”.

What does Alyssa mean in Islam?

Alisa is a Muslim Girl Name. Alisa name meaning is God Is Salvation. … The lucky number of Alisa name is 3.

Is Denise a rare name?

In 2018 the uncommon name Denise, ranked the 1,069th Most Popular Girls Name in the United States. This once, top 1000 name, Denise is currently less popular. … But, the greatest number of babies were given the name in 1961 with 15,376 occurrences.

Whats the meaning of the name Alyssa?

Meaning of Alyssa Alyssa means “of noble kind/sort/type” (from Germanic “adal” = noble + “heit” = kind/sort/type).

What does Alyssa mean in Irish?

Alyssa is a variation of the name Alicia. The spelling of the name may be influenced by the alyssum flower. The name of the flower comes from the Greek negative prefix combined with lyssa, which means madness and rabies. … The origin is also said to come from a Greek word, meaning logical or rational.

What is a good nickname for Alyssa?

Nickname – Alyssa Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Alyssa – Lyssa, Lyss, Aly, Ally, Lissy, ꧁༒☬Alyssa☬༒꧂.

What color is the name Alyssa?

Name Alyssa generally means Noble sort, is of English, Indian origin, Name Alyssa is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Alyssa are mainly Christian by religion….Alyssa.Meaning:Noble sortReligion:ChristianRashi:Mesh (Aries)Planet:Mars (Mangal)Auspicious Color:Red, Violet12 more rows

Is Alyssa a unique name?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Alyssa Alyssa is typically accepted as a variant of Alicia, which is a modern Latinate form of Alice. … While the name is still most popular in America, Alyssa also shows up on the Top 100 lists of baby girl names in Australia, Canada and Scotland.

What does Alyssa mean in French?

Origin/Usage French Pronunciation ə-LIS-ə Meaning Noble, graceful.