Quick Answer: Is A Mall Private Property?

​In conclusion, shopping malls have become places of social interaction and can even be considered the new, modern marketplace.

However, unlike the marketplaces of old, these new shopping centres are not public spaces at all.

They are privately owned and as such the space is highly controlled.

Is a store public or private property?

Private property is any property owned by private persons and not by the government or reserved for public use. Private property includes buildings and real estate as well as objects and intellectual property. People who own property have the right to manage it and control it. A store, for example, is private property.

Is free speech protected on private property?

Private property is not government-owned. Restrictions on individuals’ free-speech rights on private property do not involve state action. However, a few states have interpreted their own state constitutions to provide even greater free-speech protection than the federal Constitution offers.

Is a mall a public forum?

The courts consider public parks, streets and sidewalks a public forum — the “town square.” But other public property, where the business of government takes place, is not considered public forums. There are places within those buildings, like the Capitol rotunda, that can be designated public forums.

Is a motel private property?

“Private property” is generally an area that is not held open to the public to enter freely. Some basic examples of a private location include: Your home. A hotel room.