How Do You Say Something Is The Best?

How do you use the word best in a sentence?

At-best sentence examplesThis is a makeshift meal at best.

If he tried to follow a moving automobile, he could sometimes attach himself, if the vehicle was slow or stopped, but the act was tenuous at best.

Claire’s five dollar pieces are all worn—worth a couple of hundred at best.More items….

What means at least?

phrase. You use at least to say that a number or amount is the smallest that is possible or likely and that the actual number or amount may be greater. The forms at the least and at the very least are also used.

How do you describe something good?

Improve Your English Vocabulary: 10 Great Alternatives to “Good”Cool. In addition to being used to describe temperature, “cool” also means very good or fashionable. … Excellent. “Excellent” is used to describe something very good or of high quality. … Wonderful. … Perfect. … Fantastic. … Exceptional. … Terrific. … Outstanding.More items…

How do you write at least?

It’s “at least,” two words and not one. Some people write it together unknowingly just like they do “infact” instead of “in fact” as two words. The proper way to write it is “at least”.

What type of word is best?

Best can be an adjective, an adverb, a verb or a noun – Word Type.

What’s another word for top of the line?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR TOP-OF-THE-LINEcapital.cardinal.chief.crackerjack.dominant.excellent.fab.first.More items…

What can I say instead of perfect?

What is another word for perfect?flawlessexcellentimpeccablepristinedefectlessfaultlessintactirreproachablemintoptimal214 more rows

What is the meaning of at least one?

“At least one” is a mathematical term meaning one or more. It is commonly used in situations where existence can be established but it is not known how to determine the total number of solutions.

What does the phrase at best mean?

phrase. You use at best to indicate that even if you describe something as favorably as possible or if it performs as well as it possibly can, it is still not very good. This policy, they say, is at best confused and at worst non-existent. See full dictionary entry for best.

What do you say when something looks good?

beauteousattractive.bonny.comely.easy on the eyes.fine-looking.good-looking.gorgeous.handsome.More items…

What is another way to say high quality?

What is another word for high-quality?excellentfinepremiumprimegoodsuperbsuperiorchoiceexceptionalgreat230 more rows

What is a word for the best of the best?

nounthe best and brightest. aristocracy. beau monde. beautiful people.

Which sign represents at least?

The notation a ≥ b or a ⩾ b means that a is greater than or equal to b (or, equivalently, at least b, or not less than b).