How Do I Find Out What The Zoning Is On My Property?

A simple way to get this zoning information is to go to the local zoning office, city hall, or some other local planning board, and ask for a copy of your local ordinance.

The zoning ordinance is public record, so any property owner may get a copy by request.

What information can be found on a zoning certificate?

The zoning certificate contains information relating to, amongst others, the existing zoning, the purpose for which the property may be used for, building lines, height, coverage and Floor Area Ratio (FAR).

What do zoning codes mean?

Land use zones are the codes that the government uses to classify parcels of land. Zoning regulations can be used to separate business from farming or residential areas, protect natural resources and wildlife, designate lot sizes or regulate the types of animals owned by landowners.

What is a zoning map?

Zoning map means a map which shows the various zoning districts in the state. Generally a zoning map is created by a zoning ordinance and is always kept current. Zoning map will show the number of districts, into which the locality is divided, and the status and usage of each district.

What are the different types of zoning in real estate?

  • Residential Zoning.
  • Commercial Zoning.
  • Industrial Zoning.
  • Agricultural Zoning.
  • Rural Zoning.
  • Combination Zoning.
  • Historic Zoning.
  • Esthetic Zoning.