Can Realtors Be Investors?

Can you be a real estate agent and investor?

Becoming a licensed real estate agent doesn’t come free; you must invest a great deal of time, energy and even money to practice regularly.

While having a real estate license can certainly help your investing career, it is important to familiarize yourself with upfront costs and time investments.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate investor?

Agents earn commissions; investors do not.

Both real estate agents and real estate investors earn money on real estate. They just do it in different ways. Finance the sell of the property to a buyer so that the buyer makes monthly payments to the investor instead of a bank.26 Aug 2014

What is an investor agent?

An investor friendly real estate agent is an expert in his or her local market and understands the basics of calculating cap rates, ARVs, and cash flow.

Do you have to have a real estate license to invest in real estate?

You do not need a real estate license to invest in real estate. But you probably are considering it because having your real estate license gives you access to the MLS, commissions when you buy properties, and saves you commission when you sell your property yourself.12 Jul 2019