Can A Life Tenant Be Evicted?

What are the rights of a life tenant?

One who holds a life estate.

A life tenant has all rights associated with ownership of real property, except the right to sell the property, until his/her (or someone else’s) death.

Upon the death of the life tenant, the property reverts back to the owner, or to a third party designated by the owner.

Can a life tenant rent out the property?

He or she need not live in the property and use it as his or her home, but can rent it out full or part time or even sell the life interest in the property. The rental or sale agreement can’t be for a time longer than the life of the life tenant, since the life tenant only owns an interest during his or her life.

Can a Remainderman be evicted?

The remainderman has no right to possession of the property until the life tenant dies. So in your case, yes, she can evict you if she wants

What is a life tenant and Remainderman?

When somebody is given life tenancy, the person giving the life tenancy is also required to identify a remainderman. The remainderman is the individual who receives the real estate when the life tenant dies.