Content Team

Content Team
  • rockstar

    Content Creator for EZG: Hey Im Joey Rockstar AKA Joey Rockstar haha, im just a guy who likes to have fun and chew bubble gum, but im all outta gum.......Read More

  • callibur

    Content Creator for EZG: I am a former competitive call of duty player just trying to make it as a full time entertainer. You'll see me playing games like Cod, CSGO, R6, For Honor, Middle-earth shadow of war, and many more. Lets kick back crack a cold one and have some fun....Read More

  • ghost

    Content Creator for EZG: I believe actions speak louder than words. You want hype? I got you. You want Entertainment? I got you. You need some one that will do anything to make you smile? Look no more, I got you! I am Ghost, your host with the most, streaming from coast to coast, too humble to boast... And you're welcome....Read More

  • flash

    Content Creator for EZG...Read More

  • blaze

    Content Creator for EZG...Read More

  • bat

    Content Creator for EZG: I stream multiple games Such as Overwatch, ARK But mainly Minecraft. Schedule is down below :3 Also. Turn your volume down. I tend to scream a bit... Monday - Modpack Tuesday - Fan Choice Wednesday - Day Off Thursday - Fan Choice Friday - Overwatch Saturday - Wynncraft Sunday - Hypixel...Read More

  • mjp

    Content Creator for EZG ...Read More

  • ongoing

    Content Creator for EZG: Hi, my name is Darnell. I'm 22 years old and I currently live in Ontario, Canada. I'm a relatively new streamer. I started streaming on March 15th, 2016 and I'm putting all the time I can into this because my end goal is to inspire others and become a Twitch partner. I love playing video games and that's one of the reasons why I started streaming. I mean, if I'm going to be playing video games all day, why not play for an audience and entertain others? :)...Read More

  • pig

    Content Creator for EZG...Read More

  • skyfaith

    Content Creator for EZG - Hello, My name is Evan and I'm a small town country boy. I live on the east coast, so most of my streams are effected on the east coast time zone. I am 24 years young and I've been streaming for roughly 3-4 years now on Twitch. I'm mostly a variety streamer of FPS games. I only have one main goal while streaming and that is to try to make a difference in someone's life. Some of the people that hang out in my channel say it's one of the most laid back streams they have been in. Hopefully you will get a chance to stop by and say hello!...Read More

  • misstic

    Content Creator for EZG: I love playing COD and usually play the most up to date Call Of Duty, however I have go back to black ops 2, I also play other games horrors mainly, such as slender man, resident evil, FNAF and many others. My main goal for streaming is to create a fun and awesome community and help others grow in themselves while I try do the same! I would also like to try and get partnered with twitch and make a stream team. If you managed to read all that, you're awesome!! I hope you enjoy the stream and join me in my quest :D...Read More

  • droski

    Content Creator for EZG - Hey what's up I'm DroskiDro but you can just call me Dro. I'm 27 years old I started streaming and making YouTube content in the beginning of 2015, my content and stream quality has gotten way better since then. Especially after building my own PC, and with the help of friends and fans. (Thanks again) I have two beautiful daughters and a girlfriend whom lives with me, she supports this crazy idea I had of creating gaming content, and hopefully with the support of you guys watching, turning something I love to do into a full time job. If you're having a rough day come Twitch and chill in my channel lol. I'll always interact with all of you as much as i can. We play different games on this channel, some more than others. If you have any questions feel free to say what's up in chat. Hope you enjoy Twitch and chillin' with me. :)...Read More

  • paranoia

    Public Relations Manager and Content Creator for EZG...Read More

  • rudabegga

    Content Creator for EZG ...Read More