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Joshua Orozco


Designer for EZG - EnjoiiDesigns was founded in 2010 and has always operated with the goal of becoming the premier designer in today’s competitive market. The founder, Joshua A. Orozco, brings over 5 years of experience and 100% positive feedback as a freelance artist creating everything from logos to banner ads to full page 3D graphic renderings. Unlike other designers, EnjoiiDesigns has maintained same day delivery on every order to date, with most orders being fulfilled within just 2 hours. With that, we take pride in every piece of work we create and look forward to your feedback to help us serve you better. Our philosophy is simple: Do what you love to do and share it with others. Designing and drawing have been hobbies for Joshua since his elementary school years, which then grew to a source of income during his high school years, and eventually evolved into where we are today. Everybody wants to find a career where they can do what they love every day. Josh found what he loved to do every day, and made a career out of that. Whether you need designs for t-shirts, graphics for pages such as facebook or twitter, flyers, business cards or even if you are looking for branded sponsorship, please reach out to us and give us the opportunity to earn your business and achieve our goal.

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