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Pedro Maldonado


Content Creator for EZG - Hey what's up I'm DroskiDro but you can just call me Dro. I'm 27 years old I started streaming and making YouTube content in the beginning of 2015, my content and stream quality has gotten way better since then. Especially after building my own PC, and with the help of friends and fans. (Thanks again) I have two beautiful daughters and a girlfriend whom lives with me, she supports this crazy idea I had of creating gaming content, and hopefully with the support of you guys watching, turning something I love to do into a full time job. If you're having a rough day come Twitch and chill in my channel lol. I'll always interact with all of you as much as i can. We play different games on this channel, some more than others. If you have any questions feel free to say what's up in chat. Hope you enjoy Twitch and chillin' with me. :)