EZG Call of Duty Roster

Mon 27th Nov 2017 - 5:00am : Gaming

EZG eSports is proud to officially announce their Call of Duty Roster consisting of: Ricky Autra, Matthias Stumpfy, John JHaze and Saul Parzelion!


"With the release of the boots on the ground Call of Duty WWII, we knew that we had to go back to our roots and back to the community that we have always been passionate about. If anyone has followed EZG in the past then you know how closely we work with our competitive players doing everything it takes to provide a secure platform for them to succeed in their chosen field. Finding out that previous EZG players Atura and Stumpfy were planning on competing together we knew that they were the type of players we strive to have representing our organization with the perfect balance of loyalty and pure raw talent. Parzelion, the newest player to the competitive scene was no surprise to us as he has been known throughout EZG to be highly skilled at various games titles ranging from console to PC. With the dominant addition of JHaze to complete the roster it leaves this team as a true force to be reckoned with... My advice? don't sleep on these players; as their chemistry continues to build so does their potential. This powerhouse team will be turning many heads at CWL Dallas and future events to come and I couldn't be more ecstatic to be working with them."   - CEO Katie "Knockout" Solorzano

Meet our team:

  •  Ricky "Atura" Lugo -  Twitter
  •  Matthias "Stumpfy" Stumpf - Twitter
  •  John "JHaze" Otero - Twitter   
  •  Saul "Parzelion" Masse-Siguenza - Twitter

Event Details:

  • CWL Dallas Open
  • December 8th - 10th
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

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EZG eSports

EZG eSports

EZG eSports

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  • Wed 29th Nov 2017 - 6:30am

    Sweet! Been watching this team so far this season. They are looking good and getting better.

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